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While many of the world's top technologies trace their origins to military innovations, technology development is now led in the private sector — in part, because of business models and processes that support speed and agility. AAL wants to close that gap — for the good of our Soldiers, for the good of our economy, and for the good of our country. Together, we can make the Army a better business partner and strengthen the nation's defense.

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Power & Energy

Finding ways to generate, store, distribute, and secure on-demand power is paramount for the Army — from individual Soldiers to ground vehicles and aircraft. Yet finding solutions that deliver flexible power and energy remains an operational challenge. The good news is that technologies cropping up in this area across the market could have a major impact, as could the companies that develop them. We're on the hunt for those game-changing solutions that can meet military demands and are ready to be applied across our force.


Logistical blockages show up in a variety of ways, but they all create problems for the Army. From radio jamming and cyberattacks to drones and supply chain disruptions, contested environments put people in harm's way — and make it difficult for Soldiers to accomplish their missions. So we are looking for solutions like manufacturing at point of need or predictive logistics that can ease the movement of personnel, supplies, and equipment across the United States, abroad, or in transit from one location to another.


People are our greatest resource. That's why the Army is making investments in technologies to optimize Soldiers as individuals, not just their strength. We must safeguard their physical, mental, and emotional health by adopting human-centric tools that can help aid and protect them. We aren't in it for profit. We're looking for solutions that provide ROI in the form of enhanced Soldier performance. If there's a solution that meets that need, we want to know about it.


Applied AI and advancements in robotics have made life easier for most of society. For the Army, those same technologies can improve mission outcomes, keep Soldiers safe, and increase our operational capability. The right solutions can reduce the physical and cognitive load on Soldiers, and they can give leaders better information, faster, to inform strategies and tactical decisions. Whether building an autonomous platform or using AI to improve operations, we are leaning into advanced engineering tools that offer new ways to perform our most important tasks.


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